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Announcement regarding BEMS/EBEA membership dues for 2022

  • Current BEMS/EBEA members in good standing have now corresponding memberships in our new merged society (BioEM). This is automatic and needs no action from respective members. Membership fee has also been waived for 2022 for the current members.
  • Future payments for membership renewal will be possible on our new BioEM website (coming soon…). All members will be notified once this feature becomes available.
  • New membership applications are still welcomed and encouraged. Newly accepted members will have their membership (and 2022 dues obligation) transferred to our new merged society in due time. Apply by sending an email to membership@bems.org and include the following documents: a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and a supporting letter from an advisor (student applications) in MS Word or Adobe PDF format (as described in https://www.bems.org/membership/about)

For more information, please contact secretary@bems.org

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