About BEMS Membership

Published on: Dec 10, 2014

Full Member (FM)

Persons who are active in the field of bioeletromagnetics or allied areas as demonstrated by independent, original research or by other activities which have significantly fostered the development of the field are qualified to be Members. The rights and privileges of Members include voting, holding office and subscribing to Society publications at a reduced rate.

Associate Member (FA)

Persons who have an interest in bioeletromagnetics or allied fields but whose professional activities are in other areas are qualified to be Associate Members. Associate Members may become retired Associate Members eligible for a reduced fee upon retirement and Board approval of the application.

Student Member (FS)

Senior undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a program leading to a degree in any of the fields related to bioeletromagnetics are qualified to be Student Members. The student's advisor must provide a letter of support.

Sustaining Member (SM)

A person or corporation may be elected a Sustaining Member by the Board of Directors as a result of demonstrated and substantial acts benefiting the Society or its purpose. Only in the case of a person qualified as a Member may a Sustaining Member vote or hold office. Specific benefits and a fee of $1000 have been established. Please contact the BEMS Treasurer directly at treasurer@bems.org

Emeritus Member (FE)

An Emeritus Members fulfills the requirements for a Member, but has become Emeritus or retired at the member's own institution and is not actively employed. Such a Member has all the rights and privileges of members. The Board of Directors must approve each appointment to Emeritus Membership. An individual must be a BEMS member for at least one year before being granted Emeritus status.  Regular membership for one year is required before admission to emeritus or retired status.

Charter Member (FC)

Those persons who joined in 1979-1980 and who meet requirements of Full Member plus having paid a 1979 dues of $100.00. Dues for Charter members are waived upon retirement. Charter Member applications expired January 1, 1980.

Joint BEMS/EBEA Membership

Joint membership with the European Bioelectromagnetics Association can be requested through the online form. Fees for joint membership are discounted.

How to Apply

To apply for membership, please click here or 'Purchase Membership' under 'Membership'.

For a new membership application or a membership level change request, please be sure to submit an e-mail to membership@bems.org to provide the following documents: a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and a supporting letter from an advisor (student applications only) in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. For more information about membership in The Bioelectromagnetics Society, please contact the BEMS Secretary at secretary@bems.org

Renewal of membership

Membership will be renewed each year automatically upon annual payment of dues.

If member has skipped two years of membership, only payment for the current year is needed to be reinstated.

If membership dues are not paid for more than two years, there are two options to be reinstated as member:

  1. Payment for the current year and the year before
  2. Re-apply for membership by submitting an e-mail to membership@bems.org to provide a cover letter and a curriculum vitae and payment for the current year.


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