2022 BioEM Election Results

Authored by: Rene De Seze

Published on: Feb 08, 2022

Thank you very much for your strong involvement in the first BioEM election.

158 members have been eligible to vote, 122 participated, which is a wonderfully high rate = 77%!

Results are the following:

  • President: Luc Martens
  • President-elect: Azadeh Peyman
  • Board members, by number of votes: Wout Joseph, Rich Nuccitelli, Anke Huss, Florence Poulletier de Gannes, Frank Prato

We are proud of all colleagues who candidated, and may we ask you to be ready to provide help if needed for the good running of the society to those who have been elected.

We wish you a good continuation inside the new society and hope a brilliant participation to its “first” BioEM 2022 meeting in Nagoya, Japan in June 19-24.

Sincerely yours,

René de Seze, Chairman and in the name of the Nominating Committee for BioEM elections 2022: Micaela Liberti, Isabelle Lagroye, Marnus Van Wyk, Bennett Ibey